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El Toro Loco MMA event with 10 amazing fights, live performances, delicious food, VIP tables, raffles and much more!









Jason "The Specimen" Soares

Jason “The Specimen Soares” is a Brazilian- American MMA fighters with a phenomenal record. Jason has proven to beat not only his opponents but the odds of life, as he battled not only in the octagon but for his life when he suffered a catastrophic motorcycle accident...

Edgard "The Dreamkiller" Plazaola

Edgard “The Dreamkiller” Plazaola is a Nicaraguan born and raised undefeated professional MMA fighter and as he states “certified finisher”. Edgard has been training for over 10 years and has the become a prestigious black belt under Marcos Avellan of the Avellan Brothers, known all over the world for their success in the MMA community...

Christine "La Abusadora" Vicens

Christine “La Abusadora” Vicens started training martial arts nearly 15 years ago, what started out as hobby to get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle turned into a passion for the art of fighting. After battling with low self esteem, depression she found that through the discipline of MMA she could overcome them, and feel empowered...

Gustavo "Cuban Assassin" Trujillo

Gustavo Trujillo is a Cuban mixed martial artist competing in BKFC. Fighting out of Tampa, FL The Cuban Assassin is sure to put on a show every fight!

Ana Almeyda

Ana is not your typical Cuban MMA fighter, a woman with ambition and cut throat technique that can defeat any opponent. Ana has been fighting in the MMA community for 5 years, and is ready to put on a show. Ana's focus is what keeps her head in the game, when she is fighting she explains there is no time to think only to engage and win...

Erick Pineda

Eric was born and raised in Miami Dade County, hence the name “Dade Carnage”. He has grown up being a part of the MMA community and has had a passion for fighting since his youth. MMA gave him the purpose and motivation to keep on moving forward and pushing through any challenges he faced...

Norge "The Nightmare" Gonzalez

Norge "The Nightmare" Gonzalez is the newest member of El Toro Loco MMA. He is a Cuban MMA fighter with a Greco Wrestling background who will make sure to toss his opponents around if given the chance.


Hector Lombard

Héctor Lombard is a Cuban-Australian professional mixed martial artist, bodybuilder, and former Olympic judoka who competed as a middleweight and welterweight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Luis Palomino

Luis Palomino is a Peruvian-American mixed martial artist who is a 4x MMA Champion, BJJ Black belt and capoeira instructor. He is a two time world champion at 155lb in BKFC.  

Luis "El Siervo" Alvarez

Luis Alvarez is a Cuban-American mixed martial artist who is a Titan FC featherweight champion. He recently competed in combate global sponsored by El Toro Loco Churrascaria and brought home the win.

Yoel Romero

Yoel Romero is a Cuban professional mixed martial artist and former freestyle wrestler. He is currently signed to Bellator MMA, where he competes in the Light Heavyweight division.